Saturday, May 7, 2011

Write a Book - Check

I guess I can say the book is done, for now. I've re-written, polished and edited to the best of my untrained ability.

After scraping to find an hour here and there to edit I finally broke down and took a vacation day yesterday to complete the revisions. The final push took thirteen hours. I stopped twice to return phone calls and for potty breaks. That's right people, I didn't even stop to eat! Did you get up off the floor yet? I know I'm not one to miss meals normally, but sacrifices are made when you're in the zone. Regretably the biggest sacrifice was the Girl's Night Out I'd been looking forward to all week. I can't even remember the last time I got my groove on, but I hope you ladies had a blast!

So after a nice hot shower and some fast food my family brought me on the way home from the movies, its amazing how good that tastes when you haven't eaten in the daylight hours, I was ready to be at peace with my book. Who was I kidding?

At 11:30pm I received an email back about a formatting issue. In the process of correcting that I found a few other tweaks to make. At 1:00am the reformatted draft went out.

Yikes! My manuscript is now being read for plotline holes, character disasters and just general suckiness. Guess how well I slept last night?

After the feedback comes in from these readers I'll re-write some more based on their input and then send it off for a professional edit. Last and most certainly not least will be the search for and agent or publisher.

My husband is just proud that I finished the book. As far as he's concerned I did what I set out to do, write a book while juggling a very full life. I can check it off my soccer mom to do list.

Me? I'm not even close to being finished, I've got notes for at least half a dozen more books. Don't tell my husband though, he might faint.