Friday, February 24, 2012

Why I Write

The problem with writing a blog, or with any writing really, is that you continually have to come up with new material. It's especially intimidating when coming off of a blockbuster week like "The Peanut Butter Sandwich" post. Last week drew two hundred and thirty-four readers. Do I know two hundred and thirty-four people? I began the year with just twenty-five views a week, and I think at least five of those were from my husband. How did that happen in just eight weeks? There was a five month plan in place, not a fifty day plan.

If you'll indulge me I'd like to share some thoughts on why I write or more specifically why I dream. It will help us figure out how we got here in just eight weeks, and hopefully give you a few ideas about your dreams.

Everyone has that superstar life they imagine for themselves where they're the next singing t.v. super star or accepting an Academy award. Maybe in your daydream you've just won the Super Bowl and now you're going to Disney World. In those dreams we have million dollar homes and private jets. Those are your just for fun dreams, but then you have two other levels of dreams that are there to inspire you and build your faith.

Level two dreams are how we build lives. This is the house with the white picket fence, the dog and 2.5 children. You could also call this your expectations for life. I always knew I would have a house and a family and that we would find ways to provide. My husband on the other hand wasn't sure he would even have a double wide in his parent's backyard. You could say I'm the optimist in the family. In fact if my glass is half full, his is three-quarters empty. So, I make my plans, say a prayer and drag my husband along. Things have a way of working themselves out. Going to college, getting married, even vacations could be considered level two dreams.

Some people live their whole lives with no level one dreams. These are things that other  people do. We can almost see ourselves living out these roles, and once upon time, when we were kids, maybe we dipped our toe in the water. It might be that you've always wanted to own your own business, live in France, or act in a local theater company. For me I've always wanted to write a book. Heaven knows I've had all these stories bouncing around inside my head long enough. Why bother having these kinds of dreams though? Aren't we just setting are selves up for heartache? There are bills to pay and children to raise, it's not like you can just go off an do any of these things. Well it turns out you can. I know people who have done all of the things listed above.

I've dreamed of seeing one of my stories on a bookstore shelf for many years. There's actually a seventh grade English teacher who's probably very disappointed she hasn't been thanked in the acknowledgements of my first novel yet. (I'm very sorry Mrs. Norris) It wasn't until I met a published author that I finally got to work on my manuscript. I can't say he was normal, because he was very odd, but he was just a regular guy with a family. Surely if he could do it I could at least try. It took nearly three years of writing during stolen late nights and sacrificed vacation days, but I finished what I started. I have a completed edited novel. That's not good enough, my dream was not to write a book and stick it away in a closet. I want to write as a career. The more feedback I get on the novel the more I want to write. There are so many characters I need to bring to life. The only thing I knew to do was live as if the dream was going to be our new reality. Now, instead of dreaming I'm making plans. Those plans have led to the expansion of this blog and will hopefully take me all the way to the bookstore.

What dream can you start living? Is it really that far out of reach or can you start making plans for your new reality. I know why I write, do you know why you dream?


  1. Another great story Chastity! I am with you...someday I will/either be a Hospice nurse or own my own island in the Caribbean!

  2. I think you're a very good writer! Keep it up. You'll get published because you are brave enough to take the chance and sounds like you're gonna make it happen

  3. Thank you so much! I couldn't do this with out the support of my wonderful readers that read all my practice material on the blog. I hope you continue to enjoy it!